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Philadelphia, PA – N3rd Street Gamers (NSG) Academy and Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs (JKCP) are proud to unveil the world’s premier esports industry summer camp launching for 2018! 

This camp offers a unique opportunity, molding talented young players into seasoned competitors and taking their game to the next level. “With nearly $7 million dollars in scholarships being awarded from over 40 universities in the United States and close to $1 billion in tournament prize money handed out in 2017, there is no denying that esports has become a booming industry with an ever increasing list of professional opportunities for young athletes to explore as players and industry professionals”, said Sarah Ohanesian Chief Marketing Officer at JKCP. She continued, “The goal of the JKCP and NSG Academy summer camp is to help mold young players into the best they can be, help them achieve their potential and educate them on how they can build a career in this thriving industry.”

Students attending camp will; have the opportunity to train with former professional gamers who have built their careers in the industry, improve their level of play through skill and strategy, identify gaming strengths, as well as design, compete in and produce a professional grade championship tournament event. “What sets this camp apart from others is the groundbreaking strategy to explore collegiate and professional opportunities within the ecosystem of esports”, said John Fazio founder of NSG. He added, “We will delve into all facets of the industry, through exposure to industry giants (Ex: Riot Games, Tencent, Activision Blizzard, Valve,, Electronic Arts) and workshops with industry professionals. This will help young players gain insight into career networking, esports team building, media exposure, tournament marketing and the business of esports.”

There are two multi-week camp sessions available starting either July 8-21 or July 22-Aug 4, 2018; players must be between 10-13 or 14-18 years old to apply. During each session, students and instructors will choose their favorite game and train for an end of session tournament that culminates in a professional-grade, live-streamed championship match. Some of the games featured will include Dota 2 (MOBA), Overwatch (FPS), Starcraft (RTS), and Rocket League & FIFA (Sports). Residential students get the real collegiate experience, living at prestigious Philadelphia area universities in air-conditioned residence halls and enjoying on campus meals in the dining halls. Students will be transported daily to and from N3rd Street Academy in Philadelphia.

For more information on this program, visit or contact Sarah Ohanesian at 610.265.9401. Photos available upon request.  

About N3rd Street Gamers: N3rd Street Gamers (NSG) is an esports network focused on serving semi-professional, amateur and developing gamers. Founded in 2009 by entrepreneurs John Fazio and Rob Hilsky, NSG team’s goal is to empower competitive video game communities with resources to grow. Headquartered at Localhost Arena in Northern Liberties, what started as just a gaming venue has become full service gaming equipment, tournament administration, and broadcast services to gamer communities in the Philadelphia area and beyond. With backing from top sports tech venture capital firm, SeventySix Capital, led by MLB World Series Champion Ryan Howard, NSG is laying a national framework for esports talent development. For more information visit

About Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs: Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs (JKCP) is pleased to welcome N3rd Street Gamers into our family of summer programs. For more that 40 years JKCP has been helping families from across the country and over 50 countries around the globe create a summer camp experience that impacts their future, building skills for a lifetime. They run sports, academic, art, technology, pre-college, cooking and business summer programs at the University of Pennsylvania, Villanova University, Haverford College and now available for the 2018 season Yale University.

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