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NASGO Soon to Become A Strong Competitor with App Store and Google Play
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On March 19, 2018  NASGO’S decentralized hosting environment will allow the user to connect with China, India and anywhere in the world where currently IP’s of centralized hosting is blocked. 

Co-founder Eric Tippetts, “I need to be very clear. We are NOT an ICO. NASGO has created a decentralized hosting environment that allows content to be seen in every part of the world, opening up blocked boundaries for communication and collaboration. We have built a platform for our App Store called DAPP’S, decentralized Apps.” is a group of developers in China that built a sidechain technology to the blockchain connecting social media influences, gamers, app developers, digital media, television networks, celebrities, brands and many more with audiences all over the world including China. This is all done through NASGOS’ web based DAPPS.

 “NASGO provides an easy-to-use software client that can be used to issue blockchain assets without a person needing to write a single line of code.” 

“China understands the blockchain platform and how it provides transparency and openness. This transparency is what builds trust immediately and is part of our third-party payment gateway for all our DAPPS.” says Tippetts.


Tippetts states, “If you are a wait and see person you may want to cover your eyes. This is the block-com era that will be even bigger than the 1995 dot-com explosion.”

NASGO DAPPS are the future. History will be made on March 19, 2018 when Nasgo launches their decentralized APP Platform and web based DAPPS will become a whole new Internet. For the curious see Use Code 4FHUOJSC


INQUIRIES: Cori Dyer 801-473-6740

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