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Nested Box Market: Research by Key players, Type and Application, Future Growth
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The global nested box market tracks the sales of cardboard and corrugated nested boxes supplied by manufacturers for packaging of wide range of business and consumer goods. Nested boxes have emerged as preferred packaging choice for retail gifts and other consumer packaging. Nested boxes are manufactured in varying sizes depending on end user requirement and product specifications. Manufacturers operating in the global nested box market supply nested box packaging solutions that vary in size, colour, printing capabilities and design.

Global Nested Box Market: Market Dynamics

Nested box for packaging of retail gifts and consumer goods are sold prominently through business to business as well as online sales channels. Growth in online retailers and online packaging suppliers have fuelled the growth for the global nested box market.

Nested box made of corrugated material are popularly preferred for packaging of heavier and large size objects. Corrugated material allows nested box manufacturers to supply nested box in multiple size and design range. Flexibility in production capabilities has allowed manufacturers, suppliers and retailers of nested box to capture wide range of end users operating in diverse consumer goods segment.

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The global market for nested box is witnessing sustained preference for corrugated and cardboard material segment due to flexibility in production capabilities. The global market for nested box also includes manufacturers supplying nested box made of plastic material apart from corrugated and cardboard material. The plastic material segment of the global nested box market is expected to register high year on year growth in the immediate years.

Nested box in the global market are supplied in varied design type. The global market for nested box market is segmented by product type into magnetic closure nested box, two piece nested box, telescopic nested box, hinge lid nested box, and folding carton nested box and other nested box. Telescopic nested box supplied in the global nested box market contributes significantly to the overall market revenue as telescopic boxes are highly preferred for the packaging of gifts and consumer goods.

Visual quality and attractiveness of nested box plays a vital role in the overall demand generated in the global market. Manufacturers operating in the global nested box market are therefore investing considerably in the printing and laminating capabilities. Printing technology and raw material capabilities of the manufacturers determine the visual quality of the nested box supplied in the global nested box manufacturers.

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Global Nested Box Market: Market Segmentation

The global nested box market is segmented as per material type, product type, and application type.

As per the material type, the global nested box market is segmented into

  • Cardboard Nested Box
  • Corrugated Nested Box
  • Plastic Nested Box

As per the product type, the global nested box market is segmented into

  • Magnetic Closure Nested Box
  • Two Piece Nested Box
  • Telescopic Nested Box
  • Hinge Lid Nested Box
  • Folding Carton Nested Box
  • Other Nested Box

As per the application type, the global nested box market is segmented into

  • Consumer Goods
  • Retail Gift Packaging
  • Food and Beverages
  • Electronic and Electricals
  • Others

Global Nested Box Market: Regional Outlook

Geographically, the global nested box market is segmented into 7 key regions including North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Japan, and Middle East and Africa (MEA).

Global Nested Box Market: Key Players

Some of the players operating in the nested box market include York Container Company, Qin Sen Apparel Packaging Company, New Era Overseas, Shantou Honry Crafts Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Yifeng Paper Products Co., Ltd., Chengdu A Box Trade Co., Ltd., Forest Packging Group Stock Corporation, Shenzhen Senyu Package Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Fashion Packing Products Factory and BoxCo Industries Inc.

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