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New Jersey Sibling Young Entrepreneurs Exhibiting Their Award Winning Product
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New Jersey Sibling Young Entrepreneurs Exhibiting Their Award Winning Product at Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation at the 2018 National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE) in Deerbourn, Michigan May 31 - June 2nd, 2018

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Joey and Heidi Hudicka, now 16 and 11, began their entrepreneurial journeys when they were 5 and 4 years old respectively. This head start has taught them valuable life lessons about the power of their creativity, which they now teach to students and professionals through their business, Fizzee Labs, creator of innovation learning tools.

[Press Release] New Jersey - May 30 2018 - We are totally excited to be selected as New Jersey’s Independent Inventor representatives at the 2018 National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo!” exclaimed Joey Hudicka, Co-founder of Fizzee Labs, a family owned and operated business.

Joey and I really have a lot of fun working in our businesses, even during the school year when it’s really hard to juggle everything.” shares Heidi. “But being chosen to represent New Jersey in The 2018 NICEE, and to have this experience take place at the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, well that’s just an honor that blows me away!” says Heidi.

Joey began his entrepreneurial journey by creating a strategy game called Puckz when he was just 5 years old, by mashing up two of his favorite interests - strategy games like checkers, and sports like ice hockey. When smart phones arrived on the scene, Joey reimagined Puckz as a handheld video game, and through the support of his parents, became Apple’s youngest app entrepreneur in the App Store, with customers in more than 60 countries world wide.

Seeing these amazing experiences unfold for her big brother, Heidi set out to create her own first business, a fashion clothing line for her 18” dolls, and her early experiences can still be seen on video at

But one day, Joey and Heidi met after school and experienced a real breakthrough. “I was telling Joey how frustrated I was feeling, because I was asking friends if they would like me to outsourcing the sewing of my designs to them, since it’s not really my favorite part of that business, but none of my friends understood what I meant by outsourcing.”, recalls Heidi.

When Heidi told me what happened after school that day I was like, ‘Yeah! I have the same problem. Most kids just don’t understand when we talk about our businesses, or even why it’s important to understand how businesses work” recalls Joey. “And that’s when we decided to do something about it, to create a fun and engaging way to teach more kids about the power of their creativity through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Joey and Heidi, along with their parents Joe and Lora, founded Fizzee Labs, and began creating engaging learning resources such as OUTTA THIS WORLD!, a board game that activates your imagination by applying it to invent amazing new products or experiences, in a fast paced, competitive format.

OUTTA THIS WORLD! is a journey through the depths of outer space. You have brought very limited supplies with you on your mission, and you must creatively repurpose these supplies, transforming them into brand new products or experiences that can sell to the alien civilizations you will meet along your journey, raising the funds you need to reach your destination!” describes co-founder Joey Hudicka.

We are so proud and excited to be exhibiting OUTTA THIS WORLD! at the 2018 NICEE. It’s proof that kids like us have amazing ideas, and if we could teach even just a few more kids how powerful their creativity is, maybe next year they might be having this magical experience that we are living right now.” shares Heidi.

The excitement building around OUTTA THIS WORLD! has literally begun to reach the stars, as details of Fizzee Labs developing an Education Partnership with NASA and their upcoming National Event Series beginning in New Jersey, will be released shortly at

OUTTA THIS WORLD! The Game can only be purchased at, for the specially discounted price of $55. Community Packs which include 5 games, post game learning tools and training materials, are also available upon request at,

These packs are great for classrooms and community organizations interested in hosting Innovation Fun & Learning Events.

Press Contact

Joseph R. Hudicka


About Fizzee:

Founded 2014, Creator of Entrepreneurial & Innovation Learning Tools and Events from Classroom to Corporate Environments, business founded by Joey, Heidi, Lora and Joe Hudicka.

About NICEE 2018:

This STEMIE Coalition-fueled National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship (NICEE) event is an annual celebration of K-12 inventors and entrepreneurs from across the U.S. This far-reaching forum is the marquee event of The STEMIE Coalition. The event provides a live, in-person opportunity for youth inventors and entrepreneurs in grades 3-12 to display their critical thinking skills through inventing, innovating, and entrepreneurial activities. NICEE 2018 is presented by United Technologies Corporation.


NASA created the Optimus Prime Spinoff & Research Challenge (OPSPARC) as way to teach young people about the power of their creativity, and their ability to make a real impact in our world. OPSPARC delivers experiences where participants choose a NASA technology spinoff, discover how it can improve their world, test their innovative idea which could inevitably become a real world product or service. NASA’s collaboration with Fizzee Labs and their innovation games creates a fun, engaging way to increase youth participation in OPSPARC.

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