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[PR] New Jersey Young Entrepreneurs Gamify Innovation, Education BEYOND STEM™
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Fizzee Labs, Creator of innovation learning tools, is launching their brand new innovation board game, OUTTA THIS WORLD!™ used by universities, corporate events, schools and other community organizations to teach how to develop an accelerated innovation mindset.

[Press Release] New Jersey - April 17 2018-  “STEM has become a recognizable buzzword, but what we really need to teach is the power of our creativity - the BIG WHY behind innovation - we call this method of teaching BEYOND STEM” shares 16-year-old Joey Hudicka, when asked about his secret to success in his developing education partnership with NASA.

“School is hard enough, but trying to figure out why we have to learn things like math and science all by ourselves can actually get frustrating. That’s why we invented the game OUTTA THIS WORLD!”, shares Joey 11-year-old sister and his Fizzee Labs business partner, Heidi Hudicka.

OUTTA THIS WORLD! Is a board game that activates your imagination by applying it to invent amazing new products or experiences, in a fast paced, competitive format.

“OUTTA THIS WORLD! Is a journey through the depths of outer space. You’ve brought very limited supplies with you on your mission, and you must creatively repurpose these supplies, transforming them into brand new products or experiences that can sell to the alien civilizations you will meet along your journey, raising the funds you need to reach your destination!” describes Joey.

How can you play with Innovation?

OUTTA THIS WORLD! is a 4-player game, where each player takes a turn in sequence, at being the innovator of a new product/experience.

  • First, with a set of dice, the player identifies the parameters of who the innovation will benefit: people, plants, animals?
  • Then, where the innovation will take place: on land, in the water, etc.
  • Next step, the player randomly selects three items in the form of tiles.  
  • Flip the 90 second tile, and the brainstorm begins!

“The best part of seeing people play OUTTA THIS WORLD! Is when they surprise themselves with just how creative they can be. I mean, how would you help animals in the air with a notepad, a tie and a chord?” demonstrating how random challenges such as this gets your brain waves firing like never before. “And if you think you can handle that easy enough, I’d like to see how you 90 seconds! That’s how much time you have to invent, pitch, price and negotiate with your competitors for investment!” Heidi exclaims.

Joey and Heidi first developed this innovation game OUTTA THIS WORLD! For school aged youth.

But now OUTTA THIS WORLD! is being leveraged in Universities, Corporate Events and Think Tanks. And through their developing NASA Education Partnership, they’re formulating a National Event Series beginning in New Jersey, where NJ High School Students will compete in an OUTTA THIS WORLD! Tournament. “The Grand Prize is a behind-the-scenes tour of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center! Imagine standing in the very room where the soon to launch James Webb Space Telescope was developed?!? Here’s your once-in-a-lifetime chance to make that happen!” Joey shares.

OUTTA THIS WORLD! Can only be purchased at, for the specially discounted price of $55. Community Packs which include 5 games, post game learning tools and training materials, are also available upon request at, which are great for classrooms and community organizations interested in hosting Innovation Fun & Learning Events.

Download the media kit:

Click Here

Contact information:

Joseph R. Hudicka


About Fizzee:

Founded 2014, Creator of Entrepreneurial & Innovation Learning Tools and Events from Classroom to Corporate Environments, business founded by Joey, Heidi, Lora and Joe Hudicka.

About Princeton Innovation Center Biolabs:

You're an entrepreneur. You're a scientist. You're an agent of change with ideas that create new possibilities for all of us. You're looking for the convenience and livability of a suburban community combined with the vibrancy, energy and opportunities of a world class innovation cluster. Nestled in the epicenter of New Jersey's academic community, Princeton Innovation Center BioLabs lets you focus on what's most important to you: building your startup as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to make an impact on society. Our member-based coworking environment pairs a supportive and scalable shared office and lab space with strategic access to capital and industry partners. Apply today to shift your focus from planning to innovating.


NASA created the Optimus Prime Spinoff & Research Challenge (OPSPARC) as way to teach young people about the power of their creativity, and their ability to make a real impact in our world. OPSPARC delivers experiences where participants choose a NASA technology spinoff, discover how it can improve their world, test their innovative idea which could inevitably become a real world product or service. NASA’s collaboration with Fizzee Labs and their innovation games creates a fun, engaging way to increase youth participation in OPSPARC.

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