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Press release

New Jersey Young Entrepreneurs Helping NASA Teach Youth The Power of Creativity
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Fizzee Labs, creator of innovation learning tools, is organizing an event in partnership with Princeton University where High School students are invited to experience accelerated innovation on March 18th.

[Press Release] New Jersey - March 8, 2018-  “Reach for the stars, and you just might get there!”, shares 11-year-old Heidi Hudicka, when asked about her secret to success in her developing education partnership with NASA.


“It’s sounds funny to say this since I’m still only 16 and my sister Heidi is only 11, but when we were little kids, our parents would help us explore our creativity. But we didn’t simply stop with coloring or building with blocks.”, shares Joey Hudicka. In fact, Joey, Heidi and their parents enjoyed these creative adventures so much, they even rebranded family time, naming it, “Productive Play”.


“But then one day…” Heidi shares, “...when I was 7 years old, I was at school talking with my friends about my fashion line of clothing, which I created for my dolls. I discovered that I really love design...but I did not enjoy the sewing so much. So, I asked my friend if they’d be interested in outsourcing my sewing for me!”


That was the magic moment for this entrepreneurial sibling pair. “Heidi shared this with me after school, and since I was also noticing that a lot of kids didn’t really understand when we talked about our businesses, we decided to do something about it.”, shared Joey.

But how could two kids, 14 and 9 years old at the time, help kids learn about business? “Easy!”, exclaimed Heidi, Fizzee Labs Co-Founder and Chief Fun Officer, “We made it FUN! We gamified learning about innovation, entrepreneurship, and how to discover the value of the creativity that we all have inside of us.”


Joey and Heidi created the Game, LAUNCH! to teach young people the language of business and innovation, then followed it up with OUTTA THIS WORLD! a game which Joey and Heidi’s Dad describes as, “Innovation Under Duress - Can you invent a new product or experience, from a set of random criteria, in just 90 seconds? This game makes it fun to learn how!


NASA sees Joey and Heidi’s innovation games as a fun, engaging way to increase youth participation in their Optimus Prime Spinoff & Research Challenge, where participants choose a NASA technology spinoff, discover how it can improve their world, test their innovative idea which could inevitably become a real world product or service.


What began as a volunteer effort with Joey and Heidi teaching youth through after school programs, grew into a local community event series first hosted by The Hunterdon County YMCA and The Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce.


“But now thanks to a strategic partnership we are developing with NASA and with prominent Universities, NonProfits and Corporations across the United States, we are helping NASA reach an important education goal of reaching a wider, more diverse group of young people, with their message of offering career pathways that go, as Joey and Heidi all it, “BEYOND STEM™”.


“Here at NASA, we need more than engineers and scientists. Creative and entrepreneurial thinkers solve our challenges and find commercial applications for our greatest innovations.”, shared Darryl Mitchell, MBA, MS, Assistant Chief Goddard Strategic Partnerships Office with NASA.                                                        


Upon hearing Darryl’s insight while visiting the Goddard Space Flight Center recently, Joey and Heidi immediately set their sights on expanding their Event Series into statewide tournaments, which are already in development in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Washington, DC, and have already fielded international interest too.

To introduce to High Schools students how to work and guide their creativity on a concrete objective, Fizzee Labs is hosting an exclusive preview of their Innovation Accelerator™ Event Series at Princeton, New Jersey’s Brand-New Princeton Innovation Center Biolabs, on March 18, 2018.

During this event, Greg Olsen, American Scientist and entrepreneur, space tourist, and Princeton University Entrepreneur in Residence, will present a keynote on cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit.


Next, High School students are invited to compete in an innovative board game in which one winner from each group will win their admission to our NASA Collaborative National Event Series.

Not many seats left to participate!

High School students can apply here:


Contact information:

Joseph R. Hudicka


About Fizzee:

Founded 2014, Creator of Entrepreneurial & Innovation Learning Tools and Events from Classroom to Corporate Environments, business founded by Joey, Heidi, Lora and Joe Hudicka.

About Princeton Innovation Center Biolabs:

You're an entrepreneur. You're a scientist. You're an agent of change with ideas that create new possibilities for all of us. You're looking for the convenience and livability of a suburban community combined with the vibrancy, energy and opportunities of a world class innovation cluster. Nestled in the epicenter of New Jersey's academic community, Princeton Innovation Center BioLabs lets you focus on what's most important to you: building your startup as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to make an impact on society. Our member-based coworking environment pairs a supportive and scalable shared office and lab space with strategic access to capital and industry partners. Apply today to shift your focus from planning to innovating.


NASA created the Optimus Prime Spinoff & Research Challenge (OPSPARC) as way to teach young people about the power of their creativity, and their ability to make a real impact in our world. OPSPARC delivers experiences where participants choose a NASA technology spinoff, discover how it can improve their world, test their innovative idea which could inevitably become a real world product or service. NASA’s collaboration with Fizzee Labs and their innovation games creates a fun, engaging way to increase youth participation in OPSPARC.

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