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New on LivingNotes: Winter Blues of My Kind, Making Functional a Stylish Choice
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PRESS RELEASE: Tuesday, December 19, 2017 – LivingNotes, an established lifestyle digital publication announces the release of its article “Winter Blues of My Kind” which continues the LivingNotes tradition of style articles that show how to fashionable while using functional items such as a diaper bag.


The article highlights two of the newest additions to Lily Jade’s collection of women’s bags. These bags which are made to be diaper bags serve two functions, one to provide a functional bag to organize and carry all the necessities for on the go, but two, to give mom a stylish accessory to go with the outfit of the day. For any woman looking to get away from the “I’m-a-mom” look, this is a great article to pay attention to. 


If you are working on any stories or content surrounding these topics, you may reach out using the contact details below for any image sharing and content sharing details. 


LivingNotes, now based in Los Angeles, is a multi-focused online publication with emphasis on the modern family. Its articles highlight that living in the city with a family is not only possible but enjoyable as well. Topics of interest include Family & Parenting, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Health, Food & Dining, and Travel.


Founded by Olya Hill, now the Creative Director, LivingNotes is most well-known throughout Instagram under the handle @livingnotes. Its following of close to 400k individuals continues to grow and is also a central hub for Russian speaking families in the US. Readers alike enjoy the engaging and colorful imagery that is a hallmark of LivingNotes, along with the informative and applicable content for the modern family.


To read the featured article please visit:

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  • Fashion Accessories
  • Motherhood
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  • Women's Fashion
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