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New Swiss Made automatic watch, Classic 8 » via Kickstarter
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Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches
The Swiss Made watch brand launches its new automatic watch, « Classic 8 » via Kickstarter

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Classic 8, a limited edition on Kickstarter, starting September 28th


In order to be always closer to its customers, Louis Chevrolet will present on Kickstarter, September 28th 20.00 CET, the CLassic 8, its new Swiss Made automatic watch. Powered by an elaborated ETA 2824-2 automatic movement, the Classic 8 will be priced at CHF 590.That would be a 40% discount compared to the full price of the watch once available on the brand’s online shop. A great opportunity to acquire, at an affordable price, a quality Swiss Made watch.

This new watch design, with an innovative engineering, will delight fans of beautiful timepieces. The Classic 8 will be available in 3 colors : black, brown and blue. Each version is proposed in a limited edition of 498 copies.

We reversed the traditional construction of a watch : the skeleton case and dial unveil a normally hidden watch component called the casing-ring. This latter perfectly matches its strap, and is treated in black, brown or blue. As you can see, the Classic 8 is unique and animated by a masterpiece visible from all sides.

The impressive display depth - 4 millimeters – gives the impression that the dial is floating. However, this timepiece retains all its finess, making it very comfortable to wear.

Each piece has been worked to the latest detail. The oscillating mass, visible from the bottom, has four different decorations made in a very technical way.

The association of watchmaking know-how with these innovations makes this timepiece different from the others. It will stand out for its sobriety and elegance combined with its modernity.


The Classic 8, but not only…


The Kickstarter offer will include the watch in the color of your choice but not only ... You will receive your Classic 8 mounted with a real leather strap, get an extra nylon strap, a warranty extension to 5 years (instead of 2 years usually), an invitation to come visit the Jura factory and your free membership to the Louis Chevrolet Club with many benefits to the key.

It will not take more to invite all fans of Swiss Made to go quickly on September 28 at 20.00 CET, on the page Louis Chevrolet via Kickstarter to book the Classic 8!

For all press contact or HD photos

Florent Bregnard + 41 (0)32 465 38 08


Louis Chevrolet Watch Company SA

En Roche de Mars 10

2900 Porrentruy

Jura- Switzerland

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