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Online Pharmacy App Development Solution
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EMed HealthTech is an online pharmacy app development company that builds on-demand apps & websites for pharmacies & pharmacy chains.

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EMed HealthTech is an online pharmacy app development company.

EMed HealthTech's online pharmacy solution meets all needs of both pharmacy owners and users. This makes it easier and more enjoyable to purchase medicines online.

The platform is easy to scale and available on Android, iOS, and web platforms. EMed HealthTech's ePharmacy solution has been proven to increase business exponentially.

You can prepare your business to grow rapidly and expand by implementing this online pharmacy platform. Our online pharmacy platform has had a successful trial in terms both of client satisfaction and business growth.

Our ePharmacy platform simplifies your workflow by automating repetitive tasks and categorizing stock.

Our app was developed by industry professionals with a lot of experience in this area. We have integrated the most recent technologies and industry trends into our solution.

Your customer satisfaction can be improved by providing a pleasant and easy experience when they buy their medicine.

Our app works in the following way: The user searches for medicine and uploads a valid prescription. After that, the user places an order. The order can be quickly dispatched, as well as the prescription and payment. This is easy, and the minimalistic UX/UI makes it even easier.

EMed HealthTech offers a complete solution that integrates online pharmacy app development, telemedicine, and lab booking functionality into one location.

The solution integrates so seamlessly that prescription orders from a clinic are forwarded directly to the pharmacy. Recommended checkups are also forwarded to connected labs, making it easy for both the patient and the connected entities.

Want to see why businesses around the globe are using our platform? Below is a list of some useful features:

Customer App:

Easy-to-use and user-friendly UI

Search and Buy in Super-Fast Time

Upload your prescription


Get History

Search for Substitutes

Admin Panel

Abandoned Cart Report

Manage your Orders

Returns and refunds are available

Banners that are simple and easy to click

Reports and Analytics

Multiple sub-admins can be created

Pharmacist Panel: (Sub-admin)

Notification of Order

Product catalog management

Chat live

Content Management

View prescriptions

Sales Reports

Optional Features:

Integration with the delivery boy app

Flat and Percentage Discounts

Google Maps Integration

Pin code-wise order assignment

Multiple payment gateways

Customer Wallet

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