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PCB Design Software Market 2018 Global Share, Emerging factors, Trend, Segmentation and Forecast to 2023
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PCB Design Software Market, Design Complexity (Low end, Medium end, High end), Type (PCB Layout, Schematic Capture), Deployment Type (On-cloud, On-Premise), Industry Industry - Forecast till 2023.

Market Highlights

PCB Design Software is a suite for electronic design automation for printed circuit board design. The advancements in the PCB Design and the development in the IT industry has been a significant driver for the enterprises to adopt PCB Design Software solutions. With the implementation of PCB Design Software, engineers can eliminate issues faced during product development and allow them to be more productive and efficient. The rising popularity of smartphones and smart wearable devices drive the consumer electronics industry which further fuels the growth of PCB Design Software market.

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By Design Complexity, the market is segmented into the Low end, Medium End and High-End design. Among these, the current market is dominated by High-End Designed PCB’s due to the complexity of the schematic design of the smart devices.

By Type, the market is segmented into PCB Layout and Schematic Capture. Schematic Capture Type PCB Design Software is currently dominating the market since it supports multi-sheet and multi-level hierarchy of schematics which boosts the creation of circuits. Major players in the market are adopting schematic capture-based PCB Design Software to develop more complex circuits for complex devices.

By deployment type, the market is segmented into on cloud and on-premise. With advancements in cloud-based services, the market is expected to be dominated by on-cloud deployment.

By industry, the market is segmented into Transportation, Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications, Semiconductors, Aerospace & Defense, Healthcare, Industrial Automation & Control and Education & Research. Among these, the consumer electronics industry is currently dominating the market due to the high demand for smartphones, smart home appliances, and smart devices. The telecommunications industry is expected to adopt PCB Design Software Market solutions to reduce the time in manufacturing of complex circuit based devices. Aerospace and Defense industry is among the major contributors to the investments in the PCB Design Software market since the industry demands smarter devices for flight operations and surveillance purpose. Industrial Automation is another sector where the demand for PCB Design Software is increasing as we see a rise in technological advancements in circuit design.

Key Players

The prominent players in the market of PCB Design Software are – Mentor Graphics (U.S.), Cadence Design Systems (U.S.), Zuken Inc. (Japan), Altium (U.S.), CadSoft (Germany), Novarm (Ukraine), Shanghai Tsingyue (China), Forte Design Systems Inc. (U.S.), Synopsys Inc. (U.S.), and SolidWorks (U.S.).

Regional Analysis:

The global market for PCB Design Software is estimated to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period from 2018 to 2023. The geographical analysis of User Activity Monitoring market is covered for the regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and rest of the world. Among these, North America is expected to dominate and grow due to the technological advancements in circuit design and adoption of complex schematic designing software by the electronics and automation industry. The U.S. is a key region in the implementation of PCB Design Software due to high growth in electronics and telecommunication industry in the country. The European market also contributes to the growth of PCB Design Software due to high investments made by automobile vendors in the countries like Germany, U.K., and France. The Asia Pacific market is stimulating the rise in PCB Design Software market due to the high demand for smarter healthcare devices in countries like India, China, and Japan.

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