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Pennsylvania Teen Seeks Presidency in 2036
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Red Lion, Pennsylvania, February 2018 - Sam Waltemyer for President 2036

Sam Waltemyer, a high school junior from Southern Pennsylvania has continued reaching out to the community for support for his 2036 Presidential Campaign, which has now been in existence for over two years. Waltemyer, who started his campaign during his freshman year Civics and Government class at the York County School of Technology in York, Pennsylvania, is dedicated to finding a common point in politics as a way to unite Democrats and Republicans. Sam has announced that when he registers to vote later this year he will register as an independent, but is not sure that he will remain an independent when he seeks political nomination and votes in 2036.


Says Waltemyer, on the “Political Party” page of the Platform section of his website,, “Politically, I consider myself to be toward the middle of the political spectrum. In ways I am more liberal, in others I am a bit more conservative. I believe that we can work together to create a government that has a purpose to represent all the people. Most of us agree that there are times that we need to be liberal, and times that we need to be conservative. I want this campaign to be a representation of that: the idea that we can be both liberal and conservative. As a future voter, I would have no problem voting for either a Democrat or a Republican, so long as they match my political views.”


Two of Sam’s biggest passions are ending closed primary elections and the reformation of education. “Education is a gateway to the future, and should not be treated as anything less. And, as we progress into the future, education should be at the top of our minds- something that needs constant attention and change.” Should he be elected, Sam plans to work closely with experts and leading authorities in a variety of issues and topics, and with the general public to help make the most well-informed, sincere, and effective decisions.


The campaign will target all Americans- Republicans, Democrats, and Third-Party Supporters alike- in an effort to raise awareness of unity and working together to create a more effective government, and a government that represents more people with a variety of political opinions and views. This campaign gives a brand new opportunity for people of all political parties to set aside their differences, compromise, and work together to bring about the long needed changes to government-run systems. Even at this early stage, the official campaign website has had visitors from well over twenty states across the United States, and has a strong support group on Facebook with over two hundred likes.

“My goal is to be there for the citizen. To help every citizen. In respecting, caring, and listening, we can unite as a people and a nation.” -Sam Waltemyer

Interested parties can learn more about the 2036 Presidential Campaign of Sam Waltemyer by visiting the Sam for President website at There users will find more information about the start of the campaign, photos for press use, and details about Sam’s political opinions on the “Platform” page.

Press who would like additional information about Sam’s 2036 Presidential Campaign can also visit the Press section of the website ( which has an easy-to-use contact form for press interviews and links to article-ready photos. Sam is happy to schedule telephone and in-person interviews as his time and own personal schedule permits.

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