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Phosphate Fertilizer Market Size 2022 Trending Technologies, Industry Growth, Share and Business Trends To 2027
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phosphate fertilizer market

Phosphate fertilizers are quintessential to improving crop yield and increasing agricultural productivity. While the soil already contains a certain amount of phosphate in reserve, it is not sufficient to produce desired outputs. To this end, agriculturists are progressively adding phosphate fertilizers to their soil to improve productivity, subsequently boosting the demand for phosphate fertilizers. Increased demand for vegan and organic food products has also fueled the demand for agro-based products, setting the momentum for the global phosphate fertilizer market expansion. In the coming years, the phosphate fertilizer market is projected to grow at a robust pace on the back of greater adoption of fertilizers and ongoing R&D activities.


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Soaring Demand for Cereals and Grains to Create Tremendous Headways for Phosphate Fertilizer Market


The rising demand for cereals and grains to meet the growing world population's food requirements is predicted to create tailwinds for the phosphate fertilizer market. Grains are widely consumed around the globe and are considered a staple food in many countries. This has propelledthe demand for crops, underpinning the need for phosphorous fertilizers to enhance crop yield and agricultural productivity. Notably, the demand for phosphate fertilizers has been high in emerging agrarian nations. This is due to the soaring demand for cereals and grains, the pursuit of advanced agricultural activities, and population explosion. In the coming years, the rising demand for cereals and grains across emerging economies is poised to offer ample business opportunities, setting the stage for the robust expansion of the phosphate fertilizer market.


Growing Inclination Toward Vegan Food as a Meat Substitute to Create Novel Business Opportunities


Vegan food products are gaining noticeable traction owing to emerging health issues related to meat consumption. An upswell in the flexitarian population and the younger population's propensity to avoid consumption of animal products are creating an upsurge in demand for vegan food. In addition, consumers have become well-aware of the major health benefits of vegan and organic food products. Over the forecast period, the huge food conglomerates along with smaller organizations are expected to extend their portfolios of plant-based products to explore new product categories. This holistic growth in the manufacturing of vegan food products is anticipated to augment the demand for agricultural products, including phosphate fertilizers. Against this backdrop,


Asia Pacific Leads Phosphate Fertilizer Market Amidst Promising Agricultural Activities


Sound developments in agricultural activities across the Asia Pacific are steering its phosphate fertilizer market towards sound maturity. Emerging economies such as India and China are set to exhibit significant growth potential due to the greater demand for crop cultivation. The consistently rising population of the APAC is also a key driver of its phosphate fertilizer market. Consequently, APAC is ramping up its efforts to enhance crop yield and overall agricultural productivity. All these developments are expected to soar the demand for phosphate fertilizers across the Asia Pacific.


Prominent Market Players


Some of the most competitive players operating in the global phosphate fertilizer market include Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan Inc., Israel Chemicals Ltd., Coromandel International Ltd., CF Industries Holdings Inc., Eurochem Group AG, Yara International ASA, Agrium Inc., The Mosaic Co., PhosAgro PJSC, and SA OCP.


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