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PLANETARIANS - Circular Economy Emerging Innovator!!!
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The Circular Economy 100 (CE100) welcomes five new members

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is pleased to welcome new Corporate Member, Bridgestone Corporation (Bridgestone), and four Emerging Innovators; ZigZag, Plant Chicago, Planetarians and Wikihouse to the CE100 programme. With the aim of bringing together leaders and innovators from around the world, it is hoped that these new partnerships will inspire collaboration between the diverse and dynamic community within the programme.

Established in 1931, Bridgestone is the world’s largest manufacturer of tyres and other rubber products, employing over 140,000 people, across 25 nations. As the first Japanese member to join the CE100, Bridgestone will bring a unique perspective to the network. The knowledge gained through Bridgestone’s new membership of the CE100 programme will be utilised to integrate the concept of a circular economy into the Group’s broader business model so that it can provide new value to customers and society across all stages of tire lifecycle, including recycling, smarter use of materials, energy and information.

Click to find out more about each of the new Emerging Innovators:

ZigZag Global - an organisation who consolidate, refurbish, locally redistribute, recycle, or even resell returned stock on an international basis

Plant Chicago - changing the way we, as a city, think about our food and environment, by equipping people and businesses with the tools to live more sustainably through community-driven programmes

Planetarians - making snacks from discarded parts of plants, making meals wholesome while feeding a growing population with zero waste

WikiHouse Foundation - an open source project to reinvent the way we make homes, enabling new technologies to become new industry standards; the bricks and mortar of the digital age.

As innovative businesses with a globally unique capability or process, they will each be welcomed as crucial players within the CE100, bringing innovative perspectives to help accelerate circular progress.

More about Circular Economy:


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