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Press release

Polyurethane Dispersions (PUDs) Market Drivers, Opportunities, Trends, and Forec
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Polyethylene, because of its high quality, climate resistance, waterproofing properties, and adaptability has turned into the quickest developing fragment of the commercial construction industry.

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New York, June 10, 2018: Market Research Engine is involved in providing research reports and company profiles in the global polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) market in terms of revenue and output/volume. Market drivers, opportunities and restraints are thoroughly studied which influences the market. This study is further utilized for the overall analysis of the market. The polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) market is segmented based on the global applications, geographic presence, by products and ingredients. We offer an inclusive category-specific market outlook. We provide access to a comprehensive collection of companies in the industry. The companies can strategize and execute business operations through our competitor analysis. Find the global industry analysis, market size, share, growth, and trends information in our polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) profiles.

 Polyethylene, because of its high quality, climate resistance, waterproofing properties, and adaptability has turned into the quickest developing fragment of the commercial construction industry. Construction industry is relied upon to increment by more than 70.0% by one decade from now. China and India are relied upon to represent that development in this way driving the development for polyethylene industry.

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Scope of the Report:

By Application:

Consumer Goods & Appliances


Automotive Materials




By Types:

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) 

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

By Geography:

North America



Rest of the World

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Table of Contents


2 Research Methodology

3 Executive Summary

4 Premium Insights

5 Market Overview

6 Industry Trends

7 Polyethylene Foam Market, By Type

8 Polyethylene Foam Market, By End-Use Applications

9 Polyethylene Market, By Region

9.1 Introduction

   9.2 Asia-Pacific

          9.2.1 Introduction

          9.2.2 China

          9.2.3 Japan

          9.2.4 India

          9.2.5 South Korea

          9.2.6 Thailand

          9.2.7 Singapore

          9.2.8 Indonesia

          9.2.9 Rest of Asia-Pacific

   9.3 Europe

          9.3.1 Introduction

          9.3.2 Germany

          9.3.3 Russia

          9.3.4 France

          9.3.5 U.K.

          9.3.6 Italy

          9.3.7 Spain

          9.3.8 Turkey

          9.3.9 Rest of Europe

   9.4 North America

          9.4.1 Introduction

          9.4.2 U.S.

          9.4.3 Canada

          9.4.4 Mexico

   9.5 South America

          9.5.1 Introduction

          9.5.2 Brazil

          9.5.3 Argentina

          9.5.4 Chile

          9.5.5 Rest of South America

   9.6 Middle East & Africa (MEA)

          9.6.1 Introduction

          9.6.2 Africa

          9.6.3 Iran

          9.6.4 Saudi Arabia

          9.6.5 Rest of Middle East & Africa

10 Competitive Landscape

11 Company Profiles

    11.1 Armacell

    11.2 JSP

    11.3 Zotefoams PLC

    11.4 Sealed Air Corporation 

    11.5 The DOW Chemical Company

    11.6 Inoac Corporation

    11.7 Thermotec

    11.8 Wisconsin Foam Products

    11.9 Trecolan GmbH

    11.10 PAR Group

    11.11 Other Players

Media Contact

Company Name: Market Research Engine

Contact Person: John Bay


Phone: +1-855-984-1862


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