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Press Release: Zip Code Decals the newest bumper sticker craze in North America
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Road Warriors rejoice as Zip Code Decals announces their arrival in North America

Soccer moms, vacationers and millennial road warriors get to know their neighbour by designing personalized zip code decals.

America – Who are we and where do we live? With a custom designed decal, you can

highlight your neighbourhood when you are on the road. Other drivers can identify similar minded individuals that show their own customized bumper decals.

 Zip Code Decals is the brainchild of Aussie export, Jack East, who saw a gap in the bumper sticker market. He is also the owner of two existing health brands with a presence in both Australia and the United States. His knowledge and understanding of the US market is what made the decision to launch the bumper business a no-brainer.

“Americans go crazy over bumper decals and they also love to show off their roots, where they’ve come from. What better way to do this than with a Zip Code Decal?” says East.

Zip Code Decals allow customers to show off their zip code and hometown with style and pride. Teams, groups, and hobbyists can even create special zip code designs that bring people together.

“Zip codes represent the individual’s community as well as unity and loyalty. Our decals, that include your zip code, town name and the United States map, offer other drivers a unique insight into where you call home,“ East added.

According to East, what will excite drivers is the ability to make their decals truly unique.

“We have spent a lot of time working on our online Zip Code Decal generator that allows for making your original bumper sticker in no time. By mixing and matching details and colors you’re guaranteed to create a one off design that matches you!” he said.

Zip Code Decals use quality vinyl their decals which allows for easy application and removal. Waterproof and durable design means the product is made to endure United States weather conditions.

Decals are $8.00 when purchasing between one and five decals. Any quantity over five is $7.50 per decal. The decals are 2” by 6”.

Start designing your decal today at


Zip Code Decals is the newest player in the North American bumper decal market. The brand is the brain child of Aussie export, Jack East, who created the concept when he was working in the United States with his two existing health brands, EastKids and East Fitness.


Contact details for the media: Jack East on +64155441815 or

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