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BRIGHT/LIGHTNING Sanofi Diabetes Update
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Background: For people with diabetes the early months of treatment with long-acting insulin are important for adherence and long-term outcomes

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People with diabetes who experience low blood sugar events (hypoglycemia) during the first few months of treatment with basal insulin, tend to use more healthcare resources and are more likely to stop treatment than those who don’t.

Hypoglycemia can have a huge impact on people with diabetes and is associated with a high cost for healthcare systems and society. Fear of hypoglycemia by HCPs and patients can result in sub-optimal dosing, which can lead to serious long-term health complications.

Most dose adjustment is done, and most improvement in blood sugar control is achieved, in the early period of treatment, called the titration period. It is therefore important to ensure that people with diabetes requiring insulin get off to a “good start” and prevent lapses in treatment, or stopping it altogether.

Sanofi explored the benefit of Toujeo in Randomized Controlled Trials and Real World Evidence (RWE) to give a broad picture of how the treatment truly affects people with diabetes starting basal insulin therapy. 

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