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Press release

Sensome raises €4.6M to bring the first connected stroke device to market
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Kurma Partners and BNP Paribas Développement led the new financing round – Sensome, the company pioneering the connected medical device revolution with the world’s smallest sensor to identify biological tissues, announced today the successful completion of a new 4.6 million euro financing round to bring the Clotild™ smart stroke guidewire to market. Kurma Partners led the existing venture capital syndicate (Paris-Saclay Seed Fund, Idinvest) and other historical investors and was joined by venture capital firm BNP Paribas Développement.

The company’s sensing technology combines impedance-based micro-sensors with machine learning algorithms to instantly identify biological tissues with an unequaled predictive reliability. The sensors are so thin that they can be seamlessly integrated with any medical device.

Clotild™, the first product to integrate Sensome’s technology, is a connected guidewire for the treatment of ischemic stroke, the world’s leading cause of disability. When a brain blood vessel is blocked by a clot, millions of brain cells die every minute. Depending on the clot’s content, the emergency intervention to reopen the clogged artery may take hours. Clotild™ will instantly determine the clot content to help physicians select the optimal tools for each patient and reestablish blood flow.

“This financing round will enable us to bring Clotild™ through clinical testing and to the European market, and to explore the next applications of our technology”, said Franz Bozsak, CEO and co-founder of Sensome.

“We have been very impressed by Sensome’s progress over the past year”, highlighted Philippe Peltier board director at Sensome representing Kurma Partners. “We share Sensome’s vision of connected medical devices to benefit an extended number of patients and are excited to be part of this upcoming revolution”.

For more information, please contact:

Franz Bozsak

+33 1 69 33 52 66

About Sensome

Sensome, founded in 2014 as a spin-off from Ecole polytechnique (France), developed a revolutionary micro-sensor technology that turns invasive medical devices into connected healthcare devices. Sensome's patented impedance sensor technology allows identification of biological tissues upon contact. The first application is the Clotild™ connected guidewire for the treatment of ischemic stroke. Beyond stroke, Sensome's sensor technology can be deployed in other medical fields, such as interventional cardiology or oncology.

About Kurma Partners

Created in 2009, Kurma Partners is a European leading venture capital group specialized in Life Sciences and managing Kurma Biofund I, Kurma biofund II and its accelerator fund, Kurma Diagnostics. The company has more than 250M€ under management and develops an investment strategy supported by both the selection of best investment opportunity in Europe and the development of a “proprietary” portfolio of company in which Kurma intervenes at creation stage.

About BNP Paribas Développement

BNP Paribas Développement, a BNP Paribas Group subsidiary founded in 1988, invests its own capital directly in promising small and medium-sized enterprises and mid-cap companies. As a minority shareholder in these target companies, BNP Paribas Développement seeks to promote their growth and ensure their longer-term prosperity by facilitating ownership transfer.

In addition to providing financial resources so as to ensure the stability of any company in which BNP Paribas Développement invests, we also see our mission in helping the company management team to achieve its medium-term strategic plans. As a minority shareholder, our approach is to assist our partner with an appropriate level of governance, based on our experience of managing a portfolio of some 300 company shareholdings and backed by the strength of a world-class financial group, but without interfering in the day-to-day running of the partner company. Our policy of investing our own capital allows us to provide our partner companies with long-term backing suited to the nature of the particular business and its goals, and also enables us to act as an intermediary in such deals as capital re-organisations and external growth operations. In 2016, BNP Paribas Développement set up the WAI Venture Fund, which specialises in investing in Innovation-oriented companies, from the provision of seed capital through all subsequent funding rounds, with the aim of supporting the growth of high-potential startups.

About Paris Saclay Seed Fund:

Paris-Saclay Seed Fund was launched in 2016 as a unique initiative to support the most promising startups emerging from the leading research & innovation cluster Univesité Paris-Saclay. The Fund is managed by two renowned venture capital firms: Partech Ventures, a global investment firm specializing in digital and new technologies, and Kurma Partners, a leading venture capital group in Life Sciences. This 50M€ fund will invest in Seed and Series A startups.

About IDInvest:

With almost €8 billion under management, Idinvest Partners is a leading pan-European private equity firm focused on the mid-market segment. Idinvest Partners has developed several complementary areas of expertise including: investments in innovative European start-ups; mid-market direct lending (unitranche, senior loans and junior financing); primary and secondary investments in unlisted European companies, and private equity consulting. Founded under the name AGF Private Equity in 1997, Idinvest Partners was formerly part of Allianz until 2010 when it became an independent firm.

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