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Sewn open mouth bags Market: Status and Forecast, by Players, Types and Applications
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The global food packaging market has undergone significant changes over the past decade and creating opportunities for the manufacturers for product innovation and absolute customization. The sewn open mouth bags are primarily used in various packaging applications such as seed, fertilizers, groceries etc. Sewn open mouth bags are made from woven paper and plastic materials to carry food products and raw materials.

Sewn open mouth are economical, easy to manufacture, convenient to use and easy to handle thus influencing manufacturers to opt for sewn open mouth bags over other formats of packaging solutions. Sewn open mouth bags have moisture and dust resistance barrier properties which helps in driving the market value of sewn open mouth bags. Sewn open mouth bags offers easy filling process with dust-tight sewing leading to greater food safety. Apart from easy filling sewn open mouth bags provides convenience in stacking and transportation of the products.

 Sewn open mouth bags: Key players

Some of the key players in the field of sewn open mouth bags market are Eldorado Packaging, Inc., BANCROFT bag, Inc., Gelpac Inc., SeaTac Packaging Mfg. Corp., Pacific Bag, Inc., Mondi Industrial Bags, Trombini Embalagens S.A., UNITED BAGS, INC., GLOBAL-PAK, INC., Coveris Holdings S.A.

Sewn open mouth bags: Market dynamics

Increasing awareness towards the type of product packaging, manufacturers lay emphasis on eco-friendly and customizable solutions. Increasing demand of sewn open mouth bags in retail outlets, takeaway outlets, supermarts etc. helps in driving the market share of sewn open bags. Factors accentuating demand of sewn open mouth bags are the rise in retail outlets, supermarkets, takeaway outlets etc. Some of the characteristics that are expected to increase the market share of sewn open mouth bags are excellent barrier properties, moisture resistant etc.

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In addition to the barrier properties, sewn open mouth bags have less weight than rigid packaging solutions such as drums, containers, IBCs hence resulting in reduced shipping and transportation cost. Further adding to the reduced weight, sewn open mouth bags also occupies less storage space during transportation as well as when kept on retail outlets. Moreover, another property of sewn open mouth bags is that sewn open mouth bags are easily palletized which further helps in reduction in packing time and increases the efficiency of the manufacturers. Moreover, low-cost availability of raw materials of sewn open mouth bags has inclined manufacturers towards sewn open mouth bags.

However, paper woven bags may absorb moisture as paper woven sewn open mouth bags are less moisture resistant which may have adverse effect product packed resulting lower demand in the sewn open mouth bags market.

Sewn open mouth bags: Regional outlook

Industrial plastic bags market has been segmented on the basis of the region into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa (MEA), and Latin America. North America region is attributed to account for majority of market share in sewn open bags due to the growth in demand of agro based products. APEJ region is expected to register higher CAGR in sewn open mouth bags market over the forecast period due to expansion of food and agriculture sector. Increasing number of retail outlets in Western Europe region is attributed to register above average CAGR in sewn open bags market.

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