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Shawn Adamo apprehends police assailant
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Shawn Adamo, from Flanders, NJ, looks and acts like an ordinary citizen.

There is something much better and much deeper than meets the eye.

One day, Mr. Adamo was speaking to a police officer when the officer noticed two unusually large dirt bikes being driven on a town road where both the drivers had not only a helmet - but dark face shields hiding their identity!

The Police Officer stopped his conversation with Mr. Adamo and directed the two riders to stop, pull over, turn their dirt bikes off, and dismount.

The two riders stopped approximately 60 feet from the officer. One darted into the oncoming lane and escaped heading past the officer and Mr. Adamo. The second driver made a foolish decision and tried to kill the police officer by reaching a speed of approximately 30-40 MPH and struck the officer - attempting to kill the police officer head on.

The officer was incapacitated and thrown to the ground. Fortunately, without hesitation, Mr. Adamo took down the rider as he was escaping past Mr. Adamo. Suffering complete hamstring injuries Mr. Adamo wrestled the driver once he had been taken down. From the corner of Mr. Adamo's eye he saw a flood of gasoline on the road directly beneath the dirt bike's hot carburetor. Mr. Adamo admits he thought there was going to be a huge explosion and he was going to get hurt with flying shrapnel as well as fire. That seemed to only strengthen Mr. Adamo as he restrained the assailant, when suddenly the officer crawled over and was able to handcuff the assailant.

The officer then stood there and screamed at the assailant "You tried to kill me" several times and was hopping on his left leg. That's when Mr. Adamo realized the officer had sustained and injury to his right knee. Simultaneously, the policeman glanced at Shawn Adamo and realized from the hopping on his right leg and the agony on Shawn's face that Shawn had also sustained severe injury. After informing Shawn that the officer would call an ambulance, Mr. Adamo laughed and replied "Trust me. It's not worth the call. Having been an EMT since age 16, I know the injury is torn hamstrings and nothing except months of physical therapy will help".

Police cars rained down upon the site and as Shawn was limping to his car to head home, the police asked him to appear at the station and give a statement so they could use in court. Shawn grudgingly agreed and despite great pain he declined a ride to the police station and drove there on his own only to be greeted by applause and backslaps from the local police officers as he entered. Later that night while the local Rotary President was in Little Italy,NY with his family, he received a call from his hometown Police Chief. Fortunately the Police Chief knew how close these two were and reached out to have Mr.Adamo's friend check up on him to make sure he was all right. 

After weeks of physical therapy Mr. Adamo made a full recovery and months later was able to be called as a witness against the assailant by the Morris County Prosecutors office and testify against the assailant in court.

Looking deeper into Mr. Adamo's background we discovered he attained the rank of Eagle Scout, was one of the first EMT's in the nation (having served as President of the Wayne Youth First Aid Squad at a time there was no state record keeping of EMT at the time - NJ failed to register EMT's).

Mr. Adamo has no criminal record but does have a long history of outstanding issues. He has served as a Scoutmaster, Cub Pack Committee Chairman, Boy Scout Troop Committee founder and Chairman of the Troops Parents Committee, President and Vice President of several non-profit organizations, Rotary President, has taught Sunday School. coached soccer, is recognized as a National Soccer Goalie Coach, been an ODP (Olympic Development Chaperone), refereed soccer, and has received one award from Roxbury Township as well as New Jersey State's legislature. Mr. Adamo has received four awards from the president of the United States, as well as several congratulatory letters from his US Congressman and US Senators.

In the past he was a Special Deputy Sherriff with the NJ Passaic County Sherriff's Department.

Today he is not only a CPA but a Nationally Recognized Expert CPA by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). He is referred to as one of the select few CPA's in the United States as a Money DR.

For some unknown reason we have not been able to discover why the Roxbury Police Department and Roxbury Township (where he has also served at the request of a Roxbury Township Mayor) have failed to recognize Mr. Adamo for his heroic actions. We can only surmise Mr. Adamo has downplayed this event, asking for confidentiality (as he has done many times in his life) where he has given time, money or risked his life.

Shawn Adamo, is the founder of Guaranteed Credit Fix Inc. has announced their new 5-Step Credit Repair Program. This program is geared toward helping consumers and businesses by removing negative items from their credit report resulting in an increase in FICO credit score.


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