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Stendo will be present at the Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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Stendo Laboratoire, French company, has developed a new cutting-hedge device for vascular rehabilitation based on endothelium function natural enhancement.

Stendo®, a patented medical non-operator device and his high-tech Pulsewave® body or arm suits, applies some 25000 cardio-synchronized stimulations per treatment, helps to offset deficits in the nitric oxide (NO) production and reduces the vasoresistance within the vessels. Offers new vascular rehab protocols with important care and staff costs savings.

Main indications are: obesity and diabetes vascular sequelae, cardiac rehabilitation, venous-lymphatic stasis, lymphedema, chronic inflammation, sports recovery, anti ageing, detox.

  • Innovation - e-Santé
  • Médecine
  • Santé
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  • Innovation - e-Santé
  • Médecine
  • Santé