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Sugar Bottom Studios, LLC Announces Beta Release of AR App
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Augmented Reality Firm Aims to Beat Groupon

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CONTACT: Myles Leighton

Sugar Bottom Studios, Austin, TX


SugarBottom Studios LLC, an Austin-based technology startup is launching a beta version of their augmented reality food & drink promotions app SugarTrek™.  The company’s cofounder Myles Leighton is excited to get the app into the hands of restaurant owners.

Using “boosts,” restaurant owners draw customers in with digital promotions delivered directly through the SugarTrek™ mobile app.  Touch a button, customer come running. Moreover, the experience is not hinged on hoping customers will come back later to buy. The hassle of Grouponites is gone.  Within SugarTrek™, customers see the offer as a nudge on a map, list, or augmented reality (like Pokemon Go), say a free salad or maybe a beer. They have to grab it before anyone else does and then they redeem it for the real thing at the restaurant.  The system uses behavioral levers to get additional same-visit purchases from consumers. So, the upsales are already set up for the restaurant.

More on the augmented reality: the app uses augmented reality to build engagement and excitement.  When potential customers are nearby the location function in their phone kicks in. Using the phone’s  camera customers “see” the offer floating at the front door. This is where it gets fun. Limit the number of freebies and customers will have to “beat” others to the front door to get theirs.

The company is offering free access to restaurants willing to beta test the functionality and give feedback.  

With its patent-pending app SugarTrek™ aims to beat Groupon at their own game with a better coupon and user experience at a lower cost.

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