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Sunflower Chips: finally snacks are not worse than real food
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Sunflower chips might be as nutritious as your regular meal. Sunflower chips have 3x more Protein, 2x more Fiber and 3x less Fat per serving than typical potato chips. Sunflower chips can feed up to 1.5B extra people.

Sunflower chips, are they healthy?

You don’t have time for seated meals and need to fuel your busy life on the go? You can't get through the day without a snack?- We know, it's convenient. It helps you to be up when need.

But your mom might be against:

  • it's not real food,
  • you will have health consequences!

To protect your lifestyle, we researched Sunflower chips and prepared some arguments for you.

Sunflower chips might be as nutritious as your regular meal

Compare Sunflower chips to eggs, chicken nuggets, beef patties and you will see - that it has a comparable amount of protein. When you mom mentions empty calories - point her on the saturated fat raw. When she argues about more vegetables in your diet - you may calmly say - I get enough fiber from my snacks.

Health consequences and obesity issues? - Health benefits!

Your mom can point that chips are high in fat and calories. You can raise the risk of weight gain and obesity. Being overweight or obese increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer.

That could be true, if you eat fried potato chips. But you’re smart and choose healthy chips. So you may reply: Sunflower chips have 3x more Protein, 2x more Fiber and 3x less Fat per serving than typical potato chips. 

You may not stop here and continue: 

The main benefit of the plant protein is that it’s lower in cholesterol and saturated fat that reduces the risk of the cardiovascular disease.

The main reason fiber is beneficial is that it feeds the "good" bacteria in your microbiome. Functioning as prebiotics, fiber increases our levels of the "good" bacteria, which protect our body from food-borne diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

And they’re baked, never fried. Gluten-Free. Allergen-Free.

Way better sunflower chips

Would you like to surprise your mom?- You may tell that your snacks are not only sustainably-sourced products, but eating them you feed the world. This is how it may work:

1/3 of the food wasted. But do you know, that even before you start thinking of wasting food, the manufacturer already wasted half of it? For example, when the oil pressed out from Sunflower seeds, the meal (solid part of the seeds) wasted or fed to cows, still having more protein than beef. Isn't it ridiculous?

PLANETARIANS started to process Sunflower meal into healthy, tasty and nutritious chips for people. Making chips instead of animal products not only reduces the animal suffering, not just cut the green gas emissions but can feed up to 1.5B extra people without the need to grow more crops.

Don't worry about your snacking habit.

Finally, chips are no worse than a regular meal. 

Thus we reduce the waste, make healthy snacks and reduce the impact on the planet.

About author:

Aleh Manchuliantsau is a food developer at PLANETARIANS. Previously created and sold over 1 million bottles of nutritionally complete meals. Right now Aleh is working on up-cycling the food waste into tasty and healthy snacks. His goal? To feed a growing population without a need to grow more crops.

Source: PLANETARIANS, USDA Nutrient Database

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