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Super capacitor Market Key Vendors, Future Prospects and Regional Forecast by 2027
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Super capacitor Market, By Type (Double layer capacitor, Pseudo capacitor, Hybrid capacitor), By Material (Electrodes, Activated carbon, Activated carbon fibres), By Application (Camera, Laptop), By End-User (Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Manufacturing) - Forecast 2027

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With the global supercapacitors market 2020 rattled by Covid-19 pandemic, the market has become a more attractive way to go globally. So far in 2020, new listings of factors have raised massive possibilities for the global supercapacitors market to accomplish USD 2.6 billion by 2023 at a pace of 21%, finds Market Research Future in its latest reports. The expansion of the market would take place between 2017 and 2023.

The growing applications can see the recent trend in super capacitor market of supercapacitors in renewable energy vertical, which has noticeably surged in recent years, owing to its extended functional life. In the wind energy sector, supercapacitors manage the pitch and manage emergency power is required. In the solar energy storage system, incorporation of batteries and supercapacitors boosts the power density of the overall system. All these advantages are favoring the market strong over the years and will boost in the assessment period.  

In elevators, the energy lost while braking is stored in the supercapacitor which is supplied back to the power grid of the building. Electric vehicles and other hybrid electric vehicles use supercapacitors to store the energy lost while braking. A decline in pollution level and reduction in the cost of the automobile are thus some of the essential factors responsible for the boost in this market. These are the significant trends in the market that are motivating the market growth incredibly.

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The global supercapacitors market has been bifurcated as type, application, and end-users.

By the segment of type, the market has included hybrid capacitors, double-layer capacitors and pseudocapacitors. Among these, double-layer capacitors grabbed the largest market share majorly owing to its applications from portable electronics to medical devices.

The segment of application has included cameras, audio systems, flash cameras, laptops, power backup systems, smoke detectors, smoke detectors, buses, memory devices, electric vehicles, aircraft and others.

Top Key Players

The top players in the global supercapacitors market include Maxwell Technologies, Inc. (US), Panasonic Corporation (Japan), CAP-XX Limited (Australia), Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Japan), AVX Corp (US), Nesscap Energy Inc. (Canada), Axion Power International, Inc. (US), DuPont (US), Komatsu Ltd. (Japan), Haydale (UK), and Toyota Motor Sales, Inc. (US).

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