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Telemedicine App Development Company
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EMed HealthTech provides Telemedicine app solutions for patients, doctors, healthcare providers that offer virtual care, increase patient satisfaction & revenue.

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EMed HealthTech offers a complete Telemedicine solution that allows doctors to offer virtual consultations and generate additional revenue streams. Our complete Telemedicine Package includes a Hospital App, a Doctor App, and a Patient App. This allows us to meet all of our patient's unique needs.

EMed HealthTech, a well-respected telemedicine app development  company, offers a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform that is proven to increase patient visits and increase revenue.

Patients are more satisfied when they don't have to travel as far for routine checkups and primary doctor consultations.

This platform is available to hospitals that offer home visits, clinic visits, or telemedicine.

These are some of the positive reviews for our telemedicine platform:



Accept global payments


24*7 Support

Telemedicine platforms offer benefits to all parties.

Patients get the following benefits:

Eliminating the Location Barrier

It saves time and money

Increases accessibility and convenience

Private consultations with doctors are possible

Benefits for Doctors

Patient records are easy to access and maintain

Appointment Management

Increase Brand Value

Increase follow-up visits and reach out to more patients

Online prescriptions

Here are some features that are beloved by patients around the globe:

These features are a hit with our users:

Patient panel:

Find Doctors

Book Home/Clinic Visit

Book Video Consultation

Check out the upcoming appointments

Simple Access to Appointment History


Doctors Panel:

Manage your profile

Detail Dashboard

Cancel an appointment

Check for updates

Make and share prescriptions



Powerful Dashboard

Manage Services

Register Doctors

Reports and Analytics

View appointments

Configure Notification

Optional Features:

Integration with EHR, EMR, and HMS software

App Rental

Digital Health Records


Video session recording

Flat and Percentage Discounts

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