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Press release

The 2018 OFF Cannes Festival selection
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Now'Day Sunday 13 May, Alain Zirah and Anne Gomis have the pleasure to receive at 4pm at the bookstore - tea lounge AUTOUR D'UN LIVRE,

11 rue Bivouac Napoleon 06400 Cannes

the preselected artists of the Great International Contest on Web for 2018 OFF Cannes Festival. After the signature of Alain Zirah's book "Cannes Festival backstage" the guests will meet at Le Bivouac bar 1 DAY 1 EVENT

where the media will be there, for a presentation of the artists.

Will also be present at this artistic event the following personalities: Martinus Duinmaijer & Larisa Katz, Grand Prize of Fashion for 2010 OFF Cannes Festival who'll make a catwalk.

Devy Man, Grand Prize of Cinema for 2009 OFF Cannes Festival who will film the event with his peculiar Unique vision.

Hugo Mayer, winner of the Golden Palm for 2007 OFF Cannes Festival for the Blogreporter.

Olympia A. Gellini, official partner, who will announce the winners of the 22th Family Film Awards.

Enoka Fonseka will present her last creation in a catwalk.

The names of the winners of the Contest will be announced on 19 May during the gala dinner GSF AWARDS / 2018 OFF CANNES FESTIVAL which will take place in the International Carlton's Grand Salon.

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