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The Awkward Talk You Must Have with Your Mom

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Your mom may have initiated some awkward-but-necessary talks with you when you were growing up. Now it’s your turn.

Though she and your father may still be happily married, chances are one day she is going to have to go on without him.

Fact is, women are more likely to outlive men. Each year in the U.S., there are more one million new widows—many of them unprepared for a financial future alone.

With this in mind, Ronald Blue Trust advisers urge adult children to ask their mothers five important questions that can help ensure they are best prepared:

  • What do you know about the family finances?
  • How would widowhood impact your income?
  • Where are your important financial documents?
  • What are your financial values and goals?
  • Do you have a financial adviser, and how trustworthy are they?

Ronald Blue Trust advisers are available for interview, explaining how to ensure that your mom is protected and provided for when she finds herself doing life alone. They can reveal some of the findings of What Widows Need: Enriching Her Financial Advisory Relationship, a special Ronald Blue Trust report. Among the highlights:

  • the three financial stages of widowhood
  • the seven financial wishes of widows

With Mother’s Day approaching, don’t just offer flowers and chocolates that bring a few days’ enjoyment. Open a caring conversation that will provide years of security.

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