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The National Wireless Independent Dealer Association Launches
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The National Wireless Independent Dealer Association Launches (NWIDA), the first organization dedicated to professionalizing the independent wireless dealers launched today.

NWIDA ( is aiming to establish a professional network, taking advantage of its membership size to provide discounts and other benefits on the products and services the indirect wireless channel needs to succeed.

At launch, over 20 “back office” products and services are available to members at discounts ranging from 10-50%, including payroll processing, security cameras, credit card processing, store signage and furniture, HR and employee benefits and more.

Today, small and medium sized businesses in the wireless field - they can range from a single mall kiosk to branded stores with 200+ locations —are left to their own devices in choosing back office products and services, often paying the highest prices for them. 

“In addition, we’d like to be a point of reference for the field and the public,” said Adam Wolf, President of the NWIDA, who is joined on the organization’s Board of Directors by Doug Sadowski, Phil Katz, and Dennis J. O’Connell.

When asked what counts as an independent wireless dealer, Wolf cited “any wireless retail or repair shop, not owned by the wireless carrier or ‘big box’ chain”

In addition, NWIDA offers exclusive content and access to a team of subject-matter experts. “Beginning in 2018, we will be hosting a number of webinars and seminars on the topics our members care most about.” said, Mr. Wolf. “Our board of directors averages 30 years experience in the wireless world. Each NWIDA member has access to them, as well as our board of advisers, each one an expert in their field. In our moderated forum, members can ask questions at any time, and receive an answer without any spam or sales pitches. We’re here to help our members survive and thrive.”

NWIDA is also involved with state, local and national issues that affect the wireless dealer. Mr. Wolf: “We’ve teamed up with Repair.Org to help support state-level ‘Right to Repair’ legislation currently in discussion in 13 states. We encourage our membership to write their legislators and we’ve written to the Governors in those states as well.”

NWIDA has also launched THE LIST ( a growing database of wireless wholesalers (parts, phones and accessories.) THE LIST is free to use by anyone and NWIDA members can leave reviews for the companies, giving all users an excellent guide for the products and services the stores sell.

Membership ranges between $250-$999, depending on how many store locations a member has and is available in semi-annual and annual options. There is no application fee. NWIDA can be contacted through their website (, via phone (919-NWIDA-98) or email (

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