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The perfect last-minute gift for Valentine's Day
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A daycation at a luxury hotel around the corner

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A daycation at a luxury hotel around the corner


Nothing less original than old-school traditions like a dozen red roses, a heart-shaped box of chocolates or an over-priced dinner. Surprise that special someone with a unique experience to share: a daycation in a luxury hotel. The good news is that it won’t break the bank!, the leading daytime hotel booking platform at discounted rates, guarantees a romantic escape only steps away from home!


With prices up to 75% off the overnight rate and a wide choice of exquisite hotels, it is possible to find the best gift idea even at the last minute!


Kimpton Epic Miami Hotel *****

One of the trendiest boutique hotels in Miami, with a playful lifestyle spirit.

Double Room from 10am to 5pm from $199 including access to the pool, steam room, fitness center.


InterContinental Los Angeles Century City ****

A peerless haven of unbeatable views and contemporary luxury

Suite from 10am to 3pm from $199 including access to the pool, steam room, jacuzzi, fitness center.


Sheraton Tribeca New York Hotel ****

A refined decor and a 21st-floor lounge with skyline views

Double Room from 10am to 4pm from $109 including access to the jacuzzi, fitness center.




The proven industry player is the world leader in daytime hotel booking. Generating incremental revenue, improving the bottom line: opens hotel doors to a new local clientele.’s platform successfully connects hotels with a wide range of modern guests: travelers looking to relax after an exhausting flight or extended layover or any guest willing to indulge in a luxury “daycation”. is currently available in 25 countries with over 5,000 hotels across the globe and growing rapidly.


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Media Contact: Déborah Laskart / / 855 378 5969


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