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The Swiss Made watch brand which has chosen e-commerce as the only sales channel
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Launch of our new e-commerce website
On July 6, 2018, Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches launched its new e-commerce site. A brand new platform to enhance the customer experience and highlight its collections available only through its online store:

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Watches only accessible via the internet?

For several years now, the Louis Chevrolet manufacture has made the bet that e-commerce could also adapt to so-called luxury products like Swiss made watches, and is among the precursors on this path:

Consumer habits are changing, and the same goes for watchmaking. According to the latest studies by Deloitte in 2017, 55% of senior executives in watchmaking said that their priority is the development of online commerce and digital channels. 1 consumer on 3 in average said, in the same study, that their next purchase of a watch would be done on the internet. This ration goes to 1 out of 2 customers in Germany.

Certainly for some, the purchase of a watch still requires a visit to the store, to compare, try or touch the watch, but thanks to new web experiences and the quality of information, the customer can now make his purchase in complete confidence.

Transparency for the customer!

Buying a watch from the factory is the advantage of buying your timepiece at the most attractive price possible, eluting the distributors, wholesalers or resellers margins. The manufacturer passes on these savings on the final price of the watch. In addition, Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches guarantees all customers the "Satisfied or money back" and free worldwide delivery.

"We offer our customers a service equal to the one of a jewelery. We accompany him for example in his purchase process via online chat in case of questions. We have also developed many modules to choose the right strap, the right buckle. The technical details of the watch and its manufacturing details are directly available. It is also very usual that we contact our customers directly by email or phone for details of delivery, satisfaction or simply thank them for their order. Electronic commerce does not remove the human relationship, on the contrary, this must be accentuated. Our customers enter through our platform in the large family of Louis Chevrolet watch holders." explains Florent Bregnard, customer relations and the commercial division manager.

Louis Chevrolet Watches

André and Josette Saunier, founders of the worldwide trademarked watch brand (since 2006), did not choose the name "Louis Chevrolet" by chance. First of all, it was to pay tribute to an illustrious man, whose family was native from Bonfol, a village located a few kilometers from the factory. The other reason is Louis' favorite phrase: "Never give up????. "I made it mine throughout my career and it sums up well the state of mind of the company" says André Saunier, CEO of Louis Chevrolet.

The new Louis Chevrolet collection now consists of two models available in several versions: the LC-01 and the Chrono-Tour, as well as Limited Editions. Swiss made models, which are manufactured and assembled in the manufacture in Porrentruy.

Press Contact Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches

Florent Bregnard + 41 (0)32 465 38 08

Louis Chevrolet Watch Company SA

En Roche de Mars 10

2900 Porrentruy

Jura- Switzerland

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