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The world of Blockchain acclaims the French startup Monart
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Amazing start for monart, the new star of the world of Art and Blockchain.

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Amazing start for monart, the new star of the world of Art and Blockchain, which has just:

● received the 2018 ICO Awards at the 1st Blockchain Day, held on October 10 at the Palais Brongniart in Paris, attended by 600 participants and 40 international Blockchain experts.

● been selected to participate in the Start­up Village of the Blockchain World Summit, called “Blockchain Island”, to be held on November 1 st and 2 nd at the Intercontinental. This event will bring together 4’000 experts, 1’000 investors, 100 speakers and 300 sponsors and exhibitors.

" This is a fantastic encouragement for monart which will launch an ICO at the beginning of 2019 ," says Malo Girod de l'Ain, monart’s president.

Monart, which is both a community around contemporary art and a market place, wants to revolutionize the contemporary art market, and become the 21 st century Christies.

With an art market estimated at $63 billion a year (excluding private transactions), and in strong growth since 2000, monart aims to:

● record each piece of art on the Blockchain, to certify and validate it, to make copies impossible and make transactions more open and traceable ● create a cryptocurrency, the “monart" (based on the Ethereum standard), to open a new market, convert this cryptocurrency into fiat currencies, and bring security to the art market,

● launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with a billion tokens, or precisely a Security Token Offering (STO). Half of the funds raised will be devoted to the acquisition of a large art collection. The revenues from this collection as well as a portion of the transactions conducted on the platform, will be returned to the owners of tokens,

● allow investing on several art works at the same time through thematic, international or targeted collections (for example on emerging European artists, Asian confirmed artists, ...),

● sell shares of these collections through smart contracts (secure contracts on the Blockchain),

● open a complete eco­system that includes art lovers, artists and their works, galleries, professionals, institutions, services around art (insurance, transport, ...), as well as related fields (design, photography, fashion ...), art venues,

● support and assist artists in their development with the "monart Art Accelerator Initiative".

" For the majority of artists it is really difficult to be recognized in their country hence even more internationally. monart wants to give them exposure by organizing events around the world, help them to follow up on their sales and make sure their resale rights are respected on the resale of their works, and with their contacts with the collectors ... " concludes Pauline Houl, CEO of monart based in Beijing.

Dates of the next road shows in Europe and Asia : ­ 

Beijing, November 1st. ­ 

Malta, November 1st and 2nd, ­ 

Paris, November 27th and 28th,

For more information:

● the ICO project and the monart token

● monart website

● monart Medium

● monart roadshow events

Press relations

Pascal Leclerc, Paris: 06 09 58 29 00 ­

Karen Laing, NYC: 1 917 963 7669 ­

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