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Toujeo® improved results in adults with type 2 diabetes and moderate to severe renal impairment compared to Tresiba®
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Improved blood sugar control without increased risk of low blood sugar incidence or events were demonstrated in a predefined subanalysis of a head-to-head study presented at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Scientific Sessions

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Sanofi Diabetes Update:

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June 9, 2018

San Francisco, Calif., United States (U.S.) 

In a predefined sub-analysis of the BRIGHT head-to-head study evaluating Toujeo® (insulin glargine injection) 300 Units/mL with Tresiba® (insulin degludec), Toujeo resulted in greater improvement in blood sugar control (HbA1c) compared to Tresiba (-1.72% vs. -1.30%, respectively) with no difference in incidence or event rates of confirmed low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) in adults with type 2 diabetes and moderately to severely impaired renal function (eGFR <60 mL/min/1.73 m2 ). The data was presented at the ADA 79th Scientific Sessions in San Francisco.

“As many as 30-40 percent of people with type 2 diabetes will develop renal impairment due to diabetic kidney disease and are often considered challenging to treat because of their high risk for hypoglycemia as many will eventually need insulin therapy,” said Martin Haluzik M.D., Deputy Director, Centre for Experimental Medicine, Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Prague, Czech Republic, and an investigator of the study. “This new BRIGHT sub-analysis in patients who had moderate to severe renal impairment demonstrated that Toujeo had greater improvement in blood sugar control compared to Tresiba with comparable rates of hypoglycemia between the two treatment groups.”

Further results showed adults with type 2 diabetes and normal renal function (eGFR ≥90 mL/min/1.73 m2 ) demonstrated a lower event rate of anytime confirmed low blood sugar with Toujeo compared to Tresiba (6.5 vs. 10.4 events per patient-year, respectively) with comparable blood sugar control and incidence of confirmed low blood sugar. For those with mildly impaired renal function (eGFR 60-90 mL/min/1.73 m2 ), blood sugar control and incidence and event rates of confirmed low blood sugar were comparable.

“This new analysis illustrates our commitment to better understand and our desire to help address the needs of adults living with diabetes, including those whose disease may be more challenging to manage, such as those with renal impairment,” said Christopher Sorli, MD, PhD, Vice President Medical Affairs, Head of Diabetes US, Sanofi. “With frequent blood sugar monitoring and dose adjustments as necessary, Toujeo could be an option to help those with impaired renal function improve their blood sugar control.” 

BRIGHT Data Summary by Patient

CI, confidence interval; eGFR, estimated glomerular filtration rate; LS, least squares aLS mean data and 95% CI derived from a Mixed effect Model for Repeat Measurements (MMRM).

bRate ratios and CIs are based on an overdispersed Poisson regression model. cOdds ratios and CIs are based on a logistic regression analysis.

About Sanofi

Sanofi is dedicated to supporting people through their health challenges. We are a global biopharmaceutical company focused on human health. We prevent illness with vaccines, provide innovative treatments to fight pain and ease suffering. We stand by the few who suffer from rare diseases and the millions with long-term chronic conditions.

With more than 100,000 people in 100 countries, Sanofi is transforming scientific innovation into healthcare solutions around the globe.

Sanofi, Empowering Life

Global Diabetes Communications

Serge Spierckel

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