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DV Farm Organization
Gilsum, New Hampshire
November 7, 2017

DV Farm Located in Gilsum, New Hampshire helps Veterans struggling with the transition back into civilian life. The DV Farm is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to help homeless veterans with drug and or alcohol addiction by providing them a place to live and giving them a new purpose in life.
Veterans who have lived at the farm have praised the experience in helping them find themselves again.
DV Farm was founded by a Veteran who experienced his own personal challenges upon his return to civilian life. While living in Boston Massachusetts, Michael Rivers Aka “DV6”, found himself in trouble and homeless, living on the streets of Boston. DV6 with the support of Doctors and the Veteran’s community turned his challenge into a solution for others. The DV Farm, once a dream, looks towards expansion and a great future helping Veterans.
This heavily wooded 50 acres Farm is full of Animals like chickens, ducks, goats, and alpacas. One major plan is to get a barn up this coming spring and, have horses by the end of summer 2018. Veterans get into a new positive daily routine to include, but not limited to feeding, cleaning the animal’s living space and seeing to the overall wellbeing of each Animal.
DV Farm is simply Veterans Helping Veterans. The plan now is to expand and make maximum use of this rocky New Hampshire farm. In order to accomplish expansion, DV Farm is In need of a Tractor. Additionally, to enable DV Farm to shuttle Vets to and from the VA Medical Center for care, they also desperately need a Large Passenger Van.
How Can You Help? Join Us for Movie Night! A John Wayne and James Cagney WWII Double Feature with a $15.00 Donation This Online Pay Per View Event to begin on a Historic Day of Remembrance, December 7th and runs through December 14, 2017, on is a public video hosting platform, that offers anyone the ability to create their own Video Channel with live and on-demand video streaming and ability even to create their own Pay Per View Events., also a Veteran Owned and Operated Business has donated much of its services to help DV Farm bring this event forward. Our hope from this release is readers will also feel compelled to take on the mission with us, by helping get the word out and join us for this Pay-Per-View Classic Movie Night Fundraiser. Help us Help DV Farm raise the funds for a New Passenger Van and Farm Tractor.
Today’s DV Farm Organization Has the support of 1.3 million supporters from its parent DV Company’s Facebook page (For reference Working closely with other very large Veteran groups, DV Farm delivers the mission’s message. In addition, DV Radio Network – DVN, is a Streaming Radio Station, and like DV Farm is a place where Vets can feel at home.
News Services Michael Rivers Aka DV6 is Available for interviews.
Please email requests to
Alternatively, call 603-354-8035

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IMPORTANT LINKS: - Website DVF News - Radio Network
Meet Some Veterans Below: Video

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