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Volunteers go beyond in hospice care
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Aurora at Home Hospice volunteers go above and beyond to make sure nobody dies alone.  

Miranda Gage has taken on the challenge of growing a volunteer program for Aurora at Home Hospice within the Green Bay and Manitowoc areas of Wisconsin. As the Volunteer Coordinator for Hospice, Miranda reaches out to hospice patients and families to understand their challenges in this difficult situation and to match the best possible volunteer with them. “We want to create lasting friendships for our volunteers and patients” States Miranda Gage, Volunteer Coordinator at Aurora at Home Hospice.

Hospice Volunteers brighten up a patient and family members day, Aurora at Home Hospice has a volunteer who provides pet therapy within nursing homes. The volunteer reports weekly about how much the patient’s face lights up when her dog enters the room, the two of them have bonded. Another volunteer visits weekly with a widow who recently lost her husband, they have become friends and have a dinner night once a week. That same volunteer has gone above and beyond for hospice patients, accepting multiple referrals at one time and also assisting with research for new ways to care for patients and family members. A third volunteer has stepped up to drive over an hour out of his area to spend four hours with a patient on hospice, allowing the spouse much needed time to rest. A volunteer is not asked to spend more than 2 hours with a patient unless it is critically necessary and never asked to drive an hour out of their way.

Anyone 18 and older can become a volunteer with Aurora at Home Hospice. A background check and health screen including an annual flu shot is required. Volunteers do not need to have experience in nursing or health care, training is provided. “All we require is that you have a big heart, a little time and a giving spirit” (Miranda Gage). 

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