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Yoga Nebula Announces Yoga Event in Collaboration with
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Yoga event aims to highlight Yogic practices and attract new followers

13th November:  On December 9th and 10th this year, New Jersey will host a yoga event organized by Yoga Nebula in collaboration with Yoga Nebula, a New York-based yoga facility will host the event. Yoga Nebula was founded by Samir Lal, who underwent extensive teacher training in Isha Yoga at the Isha Foundation in Coimbatore, India. The teachers and trainers at Yoga Nebula undergo 6 months of fulltime training and 1,750 hours of teaching training, ensuring they are well-versed with the ins and outs of Isha Hatha Yoga.

The yoga event is scheduled near the end of the year to get more people to take up yoga as part of their lifestyle in 2018. Yoga Nebula collaborates with them to organize a weekend focused on profound Yogic practices. The teachers are trained in the practices developed by Sadhguru, a globally-renowned yogi, humanitarian, and enlightened master. The idea behind establishing the school in Coimbatore is to revive the ancient science of Hatha Yoga, which is taught to millions of followers around the world.

The founders of, Jason Cutler and Nandana Vaiyapuri, will also participate in the event. Jason and Nandana are happily married and work as farmers, entrepreneurs, and graphic designers. Speaking about the event, Samir said, “We are happy to announce a weekend of yoga in New Jersey. The event we have planned will allow participants to engage in yogic practices based on Isha Hatha Yoga. We hope to welcome people from NYC and PA to join us in this celebration of an ancient science that holds relevance in modern times”.

According to Sadhguru, “Hatha Yoga is about creating a body which is not a hurdle in one’s life. The body becomes a stepping stone … in one’s progress of blossoming into his ultimate possibility.” His teachings form the basis for Yoga Nebula and all teachers who graduate from the Isha School in Coimbatore. Registration for the event is open through the official Yoga Nebula website.

The practices offered at this yoga event are suitable for anyone aged over 14, regardless of their skill and experience in yoga. The workshop will equip all participants with a take-home practice they can use for life.

About Yoga Nebula

Yoga Nebula is a New York-based yoga facility, espousing the practices and teachings of renowned yogi, Sadhguru. The facility hosts teachers who have undergone extensive training at the Isha School in Coimbatore, India. You can learn more about Yoga Nebula and the upcoming yoga event through their website.

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