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Day Figure Sculpting Workshop with Mélanie Furtado
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05/25/2018-12:00 am

Day Figure Sculpting Workshop

with Melanie Furtado

Discover how to model a figure in clay working from the live model with Canadian sculptor Melanie Furtado. 

We will learn:

  • Techniques for solid construction in water-based clay,
  • How to analyse the movement and volume, 
  • Exercises to discover the basic anatomy of the figure,
  • How to create a beautiful gesture in the pose.

All levels of experience welcome. Individual instruction and group demonstrations. Language of instruction: English, basic French. 

10 am - 5pm. 1 hour break for lunch. 

Address : 24 Rue Saigne, 93100 Montreuil. 

Price : 120 euros per person. Workshop includes all materials and model fees. Firing of the work is possible for an additional fee.

Inscriptions :

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Film & Filmmaking
  • Pop-Culture & Lifestyle