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Take the Plunge at NY Swimweek!
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From 01/09/2018-01:00 am to 02/28/2018-12:00 am
New York, NY

Bucceri International, a name synonymous with Fashion insiders will host their first New York Swimwear Show & Trade show June 21 - 28 2018 with Designers & Sponsors alike already submitting interest in this popular event for barely or newly established designers from the United States and beyond.

The Swimwear Trade show will take place in New York (Venue to be confirmed) during the day to promising designers from 9am - 4pm followed by the main event at 6pm - 10pm. Attendees at the Swim Show will include notable industry favorites, celebrities and other international names. Mario Bucceri, owner of Bucceri Model Management, Bucceri International has a strong following of well known entities in the fashion brands such as, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and more with a vision to appeal to numerous markets and why he's bringing his version of the New York Swim Week & New York Swimwear Trade Show to the fore.

For details contact Donna, Oleander PR via email at:

Visit Oleander PR at: or

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