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Steve Robertson, Gen Z & Millennial Expert
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Robertson Steve


CEO of Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs

Steve Robertson is the CEO of Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs (JKCP), an organization specializing in youth-to-adult programming that turns curiosity into passion and skill. Steve is also a Gen Z and Millennial expert, having worked with youth from around the globe for more than 20 years. His primary responsibility is to cultivate a culture that results in memories lasting a lifetime. Steve oversees 25-plus programs and camps ranging from cooking and sports camps to pre-college academic programs and more, partnering with highly esteemed institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, Villanova University, and even the NFL!

From being a business leader who’s worked hard establishing the camps and programs culture to helping prepare those students in the programs for their future careers, Steve’s impact on this generation has really come full circle. 


Gen Z | Parenting 2.0 | “Alien” Invasion | Business

• How Gen Z is changing the face of business

• Ways to cultivate a Gen Zer’s passion, talent and skill

• Gamification of the business world

• Social media, a misunderstood parenting strategy

• Is there an alien living in your house?

• Could failing be a step towards independence?

• Who is Gen Z, and how can we connect with them?

• Gen Z trends that are shaping our world

• How peer learning and global connections impact how Gen Z learns • Leadership and culture

• Entrepreneurship


Gen Z is set to be the largest generation by 2020. 93% of Gen Z says that a company’s impact

on society affects their decision to work there.

8 seconds: Time it takes Gen Z to filter through limitless data, not their attention span.

81% of Gen Z like consuming information in bite sized pieces or experiences.

77% of Gen Z are already earning their own money, 70% of which are self-employed entrepreneurs. 

Steve has been featured in;




Modern Leadership Podcast

The Nice Guys on Business Podcast (publishing May 2018)

Mogul Inc.

Dov Barron Podcast

Play Your Position Podcast

And more... 


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  • Elementary Education
  • Entrepreneurs
  • + 8
  • Extreme Sports
  • Family & Parenting
  • Higher Education
  • Kids Entertainment
  • Outdoors
  • Parenting Guides
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