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Get healthy, get paid. Users get big money and motivation with Goal Goodies
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There are plenty of apps and sites that let users earn a few extra dollars for walking more or tracking their health. But with the launch of Goal Goodies (think Kickstarter for health goals) people who want to get serious about losing weight, quitting smoking, or working out can finally get serious money to do it. Goal Goodies is crowdfunding from the “Achiever’s” most personal crowd, with the incentive money raised from friends and family literally invested in seeing them get healthier. If the goal is reached, the Achiever can keep the money or donate some or all of it to charity.

Goal Goodies’ Founder and CEO, Mindi Nemeroff says the platform is based on the belief that “motivation is transformation”. Formerly a senior executive in healthcare marketing, she spent 15 years watching and learning what did and didn’t motivate people to get healthy. “If the reward of simply being healthier were enough, none of us would be overweight or smoke. Making personal change is one of the hardest things any of us can do. If you’re brave enough to try and determined enough to succeed, the people in your life will want to support and reward you.”

Goal Goodies lets the user set the goal in the terms and timeframe that work for them. For people looking to lose weight, this may be a welcome alternative from apps and programs that require you to put your weight on display. “Health goals mean different things for different people,” says Nemeroff. “If posting your weight isn’t for you, you can make it about fitting into something you want to wear, or changing your eating habits. There are plenty of ways to show Backers you’re getting healthier.” 

Backers do need to see the Achiever’s improvement for the Achiever to get the funds. While working toward the goal, Achievers post updates to show progress and get continued encouragement from Backers. After the goal end date, Backers vote on whether the goal was accomplished so the Achiever can get the reward. 

For those who want to give back while they’re getting, Achievers can donate some or all of their funding to one of Goal Goodies’ charity partners: National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, and Pure Earth. Each was selected for their 4-star Charity Navigator rating and dedication to serious health issues. For a site that is “powered by generosity” Nemeroff says the option to give some or all of the reward money to charity was essential. “Whether it’s giving or getting that’s most inspiring to you, Goal Goodies is about providing that motivation to stick with it. It’s why we say, ‘determination pays’.” 

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