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Guest Wi-Fi: new communication channel for hotspots
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Cloudi-Fi is an international guest Wi-Fi solution. This unique solution answers any business need (shops, hotel, restaurant, enterprise...). Thanks to our 45+ datacenters all around the world, we deliver a qualitative and compliant service for end users (like Juliette in the video) and companies (represented by Hotel in this case). The main benefits of Cloudi-Fi are:


  • 100% cloud: 0 installation or configuration on site
  • Agnostic of any existing Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Fully secure and compliant


  • Multiple authentication modes (email, phone number or social networks)
  • Transparent and secure
  • Personalization of communication


  • Customization of captive portals, landing pages and messages (marketing automation)
  • Retrieve all public information from social networks
  • User journey tracking (in stores, website and marketing campaigns)
  • Phygital retargeting

Guest Wi-Fi is then used as a new communication channel. Anything can be displayed on: banners, videos, promotions, new products, digital loyalty card... The aim is to offer to retailers, hotels, restaurants... same tools as any competitive digital actors. It's also the possibility to give an homogeneous - phygital - experience to the client. Offer a better shopping experience, contact later through digital channels and increase foot traffic in store.

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