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Roman James Granito Investment in the Hollywood Hills
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There are few homes in the entire Country that will rival Diversyfund & Roman James's next project in Hollywood. The sex appeal, the daring architecture, the quintessential "Roman James" look that just last year landed him the highest sales price in Beverly Hills, California! With just little more than a year from this project being completed the O'Byrne Team so very proud to be the real estate partner for Craig Cecilio, Alan Lewis and Diversyfund. What makes this landmark project even more exciting is that everyday people like you and me can invest in it! We are so excited for our client, Diversyfund with their vision for Crowd Funding and Luxury Real Estate Development. The excitement is real, the opportunity is real. Congratulations Diversyfund and Roman James and thank you for teaming with the O'Byrne Team. 7735 Granito - Los Angeles, California. -Seth O'Byrne For more information please see the the Diversyfund Website: https://diversyfund.com. PsycINFO. (n.d.). Home [Seth O'Byrne]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/user/SethOByrneHomes

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