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the french mentoring platform for students
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Goodstudies it is a peer to peer platform dedicated to students who are preparing entrance exams to the top-ranking higher education establishments (the French Grandes Ecoles).

The main goal is for these candidates (or mentees) to take the competitive exams whilst feeling more serene and confident thanks to their Mentor providing them tips, tricks, and keys to success to stay on track, progress and be both technically and mentally ready to successfully take the exam.

Why ? (The problem)  

At least one million students recently graduating from high schools are preparing the competitive entrance examinations to major French schools and universities each year. Each and every one of them experience once in a while great doubts, frustration and loss of motivation because they have to face this really difficult challenge alone.  

What ? (The answer to the problem) aims to help them succeed by providing online personalized support and guidance by qualified Mentors who have been in this situation before and have successfully passed the exams. So GoodStudies is a mentoring platform for students. 

How ? (The solution) 

The student registers on the website. He or she can then choose the Mentor they would like to be in touch with among the profiles corresponding to their research criteria (school, town, exam). To get in touch with the Mentor, the mentee buys mentoring sessions that can be spread throughout the year according to their needs and objectives. The sessions are driven online thanks to the videoconferencing system integrated to the platform. Once the mentoring sessions are over, the student evaluates the Mentor’s overall performance. 

GoodStudies’ Mentors: The key success factor 

GoodStudies adds value by providing mentees with qualified Mentors who are students as well, and therefore easy to identify with. They are pre-graduate students with an impressive resume who are particularly empathic and want to help, guide and advise others. Most of them did not have the chance to receive such coaching while preparing their own entrance exams, and that’s why they show enthusiasm for this new and “must-have”-service. 

The Mentor’s role is to transmit and share tips and key success factors, as well as to advise, give feedback and train their mentees for the written and oral tests. Furthermore, they are the “big brothers and sisters” who are there to morally and psychologically support the contestants, to get them back on track, to provide reassurance and to boost their confidence. 

The Mentors are selected on professional networks, based on their resume and their involvement in extracurricular activities. We audition them online to test their motivation. It’s only then that we recruit them. Their mentoring is evaluated and rated by the mentees directly on their profile page. 

We also offer a unique money-back guarantee if a 1-hour session doesn’t fulfil students’ expectations. 

The value chain 

The Mentors are paid for each mentoring session delivered. As a consequence, the mentoring service is fee-based and depends on the mentees’ or their parents’ contributions. GoodStudies charges a fee as well. 

There are 2 Packs:

- The Easy Pack includes a 1-hour session with a Mentor as well as many services. It costs 59 euros.

- The Goody Pack includes 5-hours sessions as well as many other services. It costs 249 euros.

The Dream-Team 

François, 27: the CTO and crazy data-scientist. He previously worked for three years in a Parisian start-up specialized in artificial intelligence (AI). He created and manages the GoodStudies’ platform. 

Nicolas, 43: the Growth Hacker and serial entrepreneur. He masters online businesses and contributes to GoodStudies’ marketing and communication strategies. 

Hanna, 32: the CEO and motivation manager. After three years as Financial Director in a public administration, she decided to dive into a new adventure and make her dream of creating her own start-up company come true. 

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